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The internet provides a vast resource of information. The Links below - I have been found to be interesting and useful for square dancing. - Clubs all over the United States enter their events on this website. If your traveling and want to find a workshop or a dance, just enter where you are (or will be), the distance you are willing to travel, and the website will list the events.

Callerlab is the international association of square dancer callers. The members document and negotiate international agreements on the definitions of square dance calls, letting you go anywhere in the world and dance. This site has all the call definitions and is the caller/club bible. A dancer can look up a definition or print all for a given dance level. claims to be the largest square dance resource on the internet and it's probably true. If you are going to travel and want to find square dancing, lists clubs all over the world. If you want dance video, clothes, clip art, etc., etc., go to

There are several interesting web sites which provide call definitions (based on Callerlab) and animation. These sites can be useful, if used in conjunction with classes. Here are two sites, I have found interesting.
       Saddle Brooke Squares website offers video instructions using square dancers. There are several ways to use the website, by viewing Video Lessons or by using a Call Index. There are 18 lessons for the new dancer (Mainstream Calls) and 10 lessons for the Plus program. The call index takes you directly to the Video Lesson containing the call. However you use the website, you will find it helpfull.
      TAMinations is a web site which uses Java and JavaScript to provide animations of square dance calls through C-3A. Don't worry JavaScript is a part of your browser such as Internet Explorer.